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Merkel kör Ja-kampanjen i repris: "Euron har givit oss fred och välstånd"

 The German Chancellor launched a bold marketing campaign with the slogan: “I want Europe.”

 “Europe is not just a matter of the intellect – Europe is and remains above all a matter of the heart,” Merkel said in a three minute video clip that launched a nation-wide campaign backed by German companies and celebrities.

Louise Armitstead, Telegraph Chief Business Correspondent, 23 Aug 2012

“We are now experiencing one of the most difficult crises in the history of Europe,” she admitted. But she added: “European integration has allowed a dream of earlier generations to become a reality. We have it to thank for our peace, our prosperity.”

(Jfr Per T Ohlsson i Sydsvenskan den 12 augusti 2012: Jag borde ha lyssnat mer på hjärnan än på magen och ställt mig på nejlinjen.)

The campaign was backed by German companies, including BMW and Allianz, as well as celebrities, sports stars, former politicians and ordinary workers. 

Clips of the stars ended with the phrase: “They know why Europe is good for us.”

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