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Germany Considers Holding EU Referendum, Der Spiegel

Chancellor Angela Merkel wants Europe to move toward an ever closer union in a bid to solve the euro crisis. But she is already pushing at the limits of what is possible under the constitution. The debate about holding a referendum on transferring power to Brussels is gathering momentum in Germany.

"We need a political union," she recently said on German public television station ARD. "That means we have to give up further competencies to Europe, step by step, in an ongoing process."

But that will probably not work, given the limits of the German constitution,

Der Spiegel, 10 August 2012

"I won't take part in pushing Greece out of the euro. That would have unforeseeable consequences," Merkel told students during a discussion in Berlin's Neues Museum after she held a speech on the future of Europe - exactly 20 years after the day European Union leaders signed the Maastricht Treaty

“Without doubt, we need more and not less Europe,” Ms Merkel declared.

“That’s why it’s necessary to create a political union, something that wasn’t done when the euro was launched.”



German Constitutional Court

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