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Merkel: I Won't Take Part In Pushing Greece Out Of Euro and It’s necessary to create a political union

"I won't take part in pushing Greece out of the euro. That would have unforeseeable consequences," Merkel told students during a discussion in Berlin's Neues Museum 

after she held a speech on the future of Europe - exactly 20 years after the day European Union leaders signed the Maastricht Treaty 


“Without doubt, we need more and not less Europe,” Ms Merkel declared. 

“That’s why it’s necessary to create a political union, something that wasn’t done when the euro was launched.” 

 The European Commission, the Brussels-based executive arm, would – with competences transferred to it by nation states – act as a government reporting to a strong European parliament. 

The European Council of national heads of state and government would function as a second legislative chamber; the European Court of Justice would be the highest authority. “We believe that we will stand better together if we are ready to transfer competences step by step to Europe,” she said.

“That is just about as federalist as you can get,” says Henrik Enderlein of the Hertie School of Government in Berlin. 

 Germany and Europe: A very federal formula, Quentin Peel, FT February 9, 2012 

"I am sure the euro will oblige us to introduce a new set of economic policy instruments.
It is politically impossible to propose that now. But some day there will be a crisis and new instruments will be created."
Romano Prodi, EU Commission President. Financial Times, 4 December 2001

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ProfessorPelotard sa...

Många tidningar missade (eller undertryckte) det kanske mest avslöjande uttalandet av Merkel under den intervjun:

"Europa är inrikespolitik." (Allt ert är vårt och kanske vise versa.)

Man kan fråga sig när våra politiker tänker tala med oss om detta, men det kommer nog aldrig att ske. Eller som Richard North på Eureferendum-bloggen skriver:

"It has got to the state where the couloirs of Brussels represent the comfort zone of our masters – so for them, Brussels policy has become domestic policy, while those whom they supposedly represent back home have become the aliens. We the people are the aliens - "Europe" is home turf."