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Den tyske presidenten Christian Wulff, m fl

Den tyske presidenten Christian Wulff meddelade i dag att han avgår.

Detta efter att åklagare vill utreda om presidenten kan ha begått brottsliga handlingar och krävt att presidentens rättsliga immunitet upphävs. Ekot 17 Febr 2012

German President Christian Wulff questioned the legality of the European Central Bank's bond-buying program highlighting the strength of opposition in Germany to the controversial plan. CNBC 24 Aug 2011

Horst Köhler has resigned as President following a hate-filled press campaign against him

He surprised commentators in recent months by appearing to stay on the sidelines in the euro crisis.

Insiders say Köhler was hurt by the lack of support from Merkel and members of her government during the furore surrounding his comments about Afghanistan. Merkel's response to his resgination on Monday was noticeably curt and she devoted most of the briefing to talking about the killings by Israeli forces of activists aboard a flotilla of Gaza-bound aid ships.

Der Spiegel

Angela Merkel is often depicted by the Western media as a boring, mousey and indecisive physicist obsessed by rules and the Euro ideal.

In fact, she is none of these things.

Her unusual and at times murky past suggests that she is driven by the ideal of technocratic power, has no firm belief in anything, and is ruthlessly disloyal when it suits her.

Her role in the former East Germany has been cleaned up by those around her.

The Slog, 30 January 2012

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