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Die Welt och Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung låter som organ för Medborgare mot EMU

The conservative Die Welt writes:
"The unthinkable has happened. The euro, the common currency and pride of the Europeans, is suspiciously close to the abyss."

"Europe is in the deepest crisis since its foundation.
The community began as a project for peace and reconciliation. Its credo was: The whole is more important than the individual country.

Little remains of that sentiment. The EU of today is like a club of 27 egotists, that are somehow connected through technocratic procedures and the competition for the biggest slice of the European wealth cake.

Europe is exhausted. It lacks strength, ideas, a common purpose and an indentity."
Cit by Der Spiegel 17/11 2010

"It could only come to this because the EU elites have failed for years and have not met their responsibilities.
The debt mountains and the serious breaches of simple economic rules could only have occurred as a result of selfish calculation on the part of EU member state governments."

"Now decisiveness, solidarity and political leadership are required. A politics of business as usual has slammed up against the wall.
But will the politicians be able to change their spots?"
The center-right Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung writes:
"The euro, which was supposed to make European integration 'irreversible' could become its undertaker.

Der Spiegel

Medborgare Mot EMU

Hoppas att dom skäms nu, Ja-sägarna.

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