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Robert Schuman: Pope puts father of modern Europe on sainthood path

 Born in Luxembourg in 1886 and naturalised as a French citizen, Schuman briefly supported Marshal Pétain, who would be sentenced to death for being a Nazi collaborator in World War Two. 

After the German occupation of France in 1940, Schuman was arrested by the Gestapo but managed to escape a year later, and went on to live in hiding until the end of the war.

BBC  19 June 2021


Europe’s founding fathers: Jean Monnet, Paul-Henri Spaak, Robert Schuman, Alcide de Gasperi, and others.


Den 9 maj ska högtidlighållas i hela unionen som Europadagen till minne av Robert Schumans förklaring som inledde det europeiska integrationsprojektet.


Rome, Habsburg and the European Union


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