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Eurosceptics deem it a judicial coup d’etat. /EU vs. Verfassungsgericht

The German constitution remains sovereign and the Verfassungsgericht reserves the right to strike out any EU law or treaty.

Is the EU a unitary superstate akin the United States, or is it a club of fully sovereign states that remain the “Masters of the Treaties”, as the German court famously insists?

But it also forces a showdown that could have fateful consequences. Eurosceptics deem it a judicial coup d’etat. 

“Every EU member states knows that Germany would never have accepted the Lisbon Treaty without this right of oversight. Disregarding democratic principles and the sovereignty of the member states raises doubts about the Commission’s own legitimacy,” said Peter Gauweiler, a Bavarian conservative and serial litigant at the court.

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard Telegraph11 June 2021


Brussels has launched legal action against Germany’s constitutional court after its judges attempted to challenge the supremacy of EU law 


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