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The week that austerity was officially buried

As the IMF and World Bank annual meetings wrap up in virtual form in Washington this weekend, many of the most senior figures at the top — and in the research departments — of these institutions have been singing a new tune on fiscal policy 

Long gone is the notion, supported by former UK chancellor George Osborne, that it was imperative to have a credible plan to reduce deficits in the public finances because that would give households the confidence to spend rather than save.

The question now is why has the thinking changed so radically. 

FT 16 October 2020


Guldet, euron och budgetunderskottet

Englund blogg 16 October 2020


Räntan världen över är för låg och en större del av stimulanserna borde ske via finanspolitiken.  

Englund blogg 5 december 2009


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