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Gone are the days when the West – led by the United States, with the support of its European and other allies – enjoyed unchallenged political, military, economic, and technological primacy.

Anglo-Saxon self-destruction has created a vacuum, leading not to a new order but to chaos.

Whoever wins in November, the US will have to deal with a Europe that puts much greater stock in its own sovereignty – particularly on technological matters – than it has in the past. 

Europe will have to do much more to safeguard its own interests, and America would do well to understand that Europe’s interests may diverge from its own.

Joschka Fischer Project Syndicate 28  September 2020


Det är dags att formalisera Europas enande med en politisk och ekonomisk union.

Joschka Fischer, Kolumn DN 4 juni 2012


Last week, Mr Fischer, a Green Party member, faced calls for his resignation after pictures were published showing him fighting with a policeman in Frankfurt during a 1973 street protest.

He has since apologised for his actions, while stressing that he had never sought, when previously questioned, to hide his central role in militant student protests of the Sixties and Seventies. 

He has always denied that he ever supported terrorism.


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