The bloody history of civil war in the Tory party and The 1990 Tory coup against Margaret Thatcher

That the Conservative party believes as much in the strong state as it does in the free economy has long been both its triumph and its tragedy

In the run-up to the 1992 general election, Sir John returned to a hero’s welcome after supposedly winning “game, set and match” in the negotiations over the Maastricht treaty. 

But when the UK’s ignominious post-election exit from the European exchange rate mechanism Tories who insisted that Thatcher had been stabbed in the back by a cabal of Europhile colleagues were no longer dismissed as embittered obsessives.

Tim Bale, Financial Times 26 Febr 2016

The writer is the author of ‘The Conservative Party: From Thatcher to Cameron


The 1990 Tory coup against Margaret Thatcher 

After a series of fervid meetings and maneuvers while she was away, the members of her own party brought her down. 

She came back from Paris (the Paris Summit was the peace conference of the Cold War) betrayed and red around the eyes.

But she still had to lead a Question Time in the House of Commons, speaking for a government she no longer headed. It was a triumph. She dominated the hall, crushed the hecklers and rose magnificently above her own misery. 

The men who destroyed her leapt to their feet and roared

David Brooks, New York Times, April 8, 2013

Mrs. T:

"The greatest issue in the election - indeed the greatest issue before our country - is whether Britain is to remain a free independent nation state or whether we are to be dissolved in a federal Europe," she said.

"To surrender the pound, to surrender our power of self-government would betray all the past generations down the ages that lived and died to defend it.


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