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Must read 18 Febr 2016

How to fix the Eurozone: 
Views of leading economists, VOX

EU Summit
Europe’s standard operating procedure for dealing with difficult problems — to delay action — won’t work this time around either. 
The clock has run down. The refugees won’t wait. Nor will the Brits.


After a decade at the helm of Europe’s dominant country, the chancellor best known for weighing her actions and words is getting testy as she struggles to win allies to help ease the refugee burden on Germany and ensure her own political survival. 

The upshot is she’s rarely looked so lonely as she returns to Brussels for a European Union summit Thursday.


Economics 101
Without theory, data is very hard to interpret  
without data, theories can’t be verified, falsified or even effectively modified


Low for Long? 
Causes and Consequences of Persistently Low Interest Rates


Central banks: Negative thinking

Deutsche Bank strategists have compared the policy to weapons of mass destruction, escalating a currency war that will only bring “mutually assured destruction”, and said central banks need to find a “better bazooka”.


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