David Cameron's EU deal: what he wanted and what he got

Ever-closer union

What Cameron wanted: a declaration that the treaty motto of “ever closer union among the peoples of Europe” did not apply to the UK. EU leaders had already agreed a special formula of wording in June 2014 that not all member states were on the road to integration, but Cameron wanted something stronger.

What he’s got: Much more emphatic language, stressing that the UK is not on the road to deeper integration. “It is recognised that the United Kingdom ... is not committed to further political integration in the European Union ... References to ever-closer union do not apply to the United Kingdom.”


What he got

A win for Mr Cameron who has convinced EU leaders that the EU treaties, when they are next opened, will include a new reference to make it clear that the words “ever closer union do not apply to the United Kingdom”.

Mr Cameron confirmed that he would lead the fight for Britain to stay in “a reformed EU” in a referendum expected on June 23.

The Deal

- The dogs are barking, but the caravan is moving on, lär Helmut Kohl ha sagt.


"The caravan of Germany moves on, even if the dogs are barking."



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