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Spanien, Keynes och Europakten

Spain's unemployment figure passed the five million mark
BBC 27 januari 2012

They are going to sign a treaty that makes Keynesianism illegal
The Economist 28 January  2012

The euro is a macro-economic weapon of mass destruction

Each evening, as darkness descends on Athens, police in riot gear wait in buses that line the side streets of the city centre. Some fidget with mobile phones, others stare into the night. 

What they are waiting for, nobody is sure. But everyone in the Greek capital agrees something could happen any time.

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Voters get angry, and sometimes violent, when their own politicians let them down. But when they feel controlled and humiliated by foreigners, they become totally enraged.

“Fiscal union” advocates will also need, when the time comes, to send out the eurozone riot-police.

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Tyskland vill att en ny budgetkommissionär, utsedd av eurozonen, ska få makt att lägga in veto mot den grekiska regeringens budgetbeslut om de inte är i linje med de mål som satts upp av långivare.

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