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Ark Investment Management’s flagship Innovation ETF

has fallen roughly 46% from its record high in February 2021

Todd Rosenbluth, head of ETF research at CFRA “I don’t like the phrase bubble because it is only obvious in hindsight” Rosenbluth added. “We’re in the middle of this trend and it might reverse course or might not.” 


ARKK holdings executives offload $13.5bn in stock

Bout of insider selling in Cathie Wood’s flagship ETF is unprecedented, brokerage says

Its gain of more than 150 per cent in 2020 made it the poster child for Wall Street’s technology-fuelled boom, earning Cathie Wood, its founder, chief executive and portfolio manager, the nickname “Queen of the bull market”.

FT 10 January 2022


Roughly four in every 10 companies on Nasdaq market values cut in half from their 52-week high


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