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That is more than were killed during either of the two atomic bombs dropped that August.

With no Luftwaffe in the way in Europe, and the B-29s’ bomb bays filled with a new American invention (napalm bombs), LeMay could send out aerial armadas of low-flying planes to devastate the virtually unprotected Japanese cities. 

His pièce de resistance was the horrendous firestorm attack upon downtown Tokyo on March 9 and 10, 1945.

More were killed than during either of the two atomic bombs dropped that August.

Amazingly, LeMay’s aerial pounding did not stop even after the two atomic bombs were dropped

Perhaps the most grotesque came in 1964, when LeMay was given Japan’s highest award to a foreigner for helping to rebuild the postwar Japanese Air Force.

Paul Kennedy, professor at Yale University and the author of numerous works including “The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers,”April 30, 2021


Some have questioned the military value of Dresden


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