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För tio år sedan hade Italien en annan expertregering under ledning av Mario Monti som, liksom Draghis blivande, hade stort förtroende utomlands ...

Rolf Gustavsson SvD 12 februari 2021


On 9 November 2011, Monti was appointed a lifetime senator by Italian President Giorgio Napolitano.

On 12 November 2011, following Berlusconi's resignation, Napolitano invited Monti to form a new government.

Mr Berlusconi was forced to resign when the yield on Italian bonds rose to more than 7% last week, the rate at which Greece, Ireland and Portugal were obliged to seek bailouts from the EU.

In Brussels, European Commission chief Jose Manuel Barroso and EU President Herman Van Rompuy issued a joint statement welcoming Mr Monti's appointment as "a further encouraging signal... of the Italian authorities' determination to overcome the current crisis".

Mr Monti's appointment comes two days after Greece, under even greater pressure from Brussels, inaugurated a technocratic government to cope with its debt problems and ratify a vital EU bailout deal.

BBC 14 November 2011


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