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Germany’s Social Democrats block reappointment of Lars Feld as chair of powerful economic council

Feld opposes state involvement in the economy, favours tax cuts, and champions the debt brake, a rule anchored in the German constitution which puts a cap on public debt.

The brake, which limits Germany’s budget deficit to just 0.35 per cent of GDP.

The CDU wants to return to the old fiscal rules as soon as possible, while many in the SPD, and some leading left-leaning economists, would like to see the brake reformed to allow bigger investments in public services.

FT 25 February 2021


How the euro was saved

In the French seaside resort of Cannes

To the astonishment of almost everyone in the room, Angela Merkel began to cry.

the man sitting next to her, French President Nicolas Sarkozy, and the other across the table, US President Barack Obama

Peter Spiegel, Financial Times 11 May 2014


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