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Laurent Binet’s counter-history “Civilizations”

The half-sister of Leif Erikson leaves Greenland for the North American shores known as Vinland. 

Quickly befriending and mixing with the coastal indigenous tribes Freydis Eriksdottir and her entourage pass on to the native peoples an invaluable source of knowledge: the method of extracting iron from peat.

Christopher Columbus upon landing is met by an organized Taíno military armed with axes and iron-tipped spears. Naked, ailing and housed in the Cuban royal court as a kind of jester Columbus perishes.

Arriving in a wondrous city called Lisbon, the Incas find the population shell-shocked by an earthquake, and, more generally, demoralized by the effects of never-ending warfare against Muslims, Jews, the French and the continent’s many factions of Protestants—all of whom prove to be biddable allies against a common oppressor, the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V....

WSJ  Sept. 17, 2021 


Virtual History: Alternatives And Counterfactuals

by Niall Ferguson


List of alternate history fiction


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