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Global supply-chain bottlenecks are feeding on one another...

 with shortages of components and surging prices of critical raw materials squeezing manufacturers around the world.

The supply shocks are already showing signs of choking off the recovery in some regions.

Meanwhile, global labor shortages, often the result of people leaving the workforce during the pandemic, are throwing further obstacles in the way of producers.

WSJ 8 October 2021


“Hiking  will reduce demand a little bit and strengthen the currency. But it will have no impact on supply chain issues [ . . .] it won’t bring back lorry drivers.”

FT 30 September 2021


Nice pic of shipping containers and container ships are seen at the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles last week.

MarketWatch 29 September 2021

Nearly 80,000 shipping containers are stacked in various configurations at the Port of Savannah — 50 percent more than usual.

NYT 10 October 2021

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