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Jemima Kelly, Cryptocurrencies and all that (Bitcoins, Tulips, South Sea Company)

Success of the ‘joke’ currency shows that we shouldn’t take cryptocurrencies too seriously

Jemima Kelly 11 May 2021


Oh no, now Deloitte with the crypto nonsense

By the time we read the introduction, we trusting Alphavillains were feeling downright cynical

Now we don’t want to suggest this report has been written by a bunch of crypto bros, but has this report been written by a bunch of crypto bros? 

Jemima Kelly FT Alphaville 7 May 2021



Jemima writes for FT Alphaville. She was previously a reporter at Reuters, where she mainly wrote about the foreign exchange market, cryptocurrencies and fintech. She has also written for The Economist.

Dogecoin really is man’s best friend

Remember when people used to analyse markets like they were a Really Serious Thing with serious fundamental factors driving them?

Jemima Kelly FT Alphaville 5 May 2021


Excellent about Bitcoins, Tulips, England’s South Sea Company and France’s Mississippi Company


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