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We’ve now had nearly 30 years of inflation targeting.

This has delivered price stability, and a semblance of full employment, but it’s also helped drive a boom in asset prices together with a world awash with debt, which has in turn been used as a lazy substitute for the lack of productivity led growth in real wages. 

Capital has unsustainably gained at the expense of labour.

We may have to get used to rather higher levels of inflation

Jeremy Warner Telegraph 8 Maj 2020

Riktiga karlar är inte rädda för lite inflation

Riksbankens mål om 2,0 procents inflation tillkom i all hast för litet mer än 20 år sedan
Inflationsmålet skulle inte ha funnits där, om Sverige hade klarat att hålla fast växelkurs.

Johan Schück, DN 2015-05-08

Did inflation targeting fail? 
How can it have gone so wrong?

Martin Wolf, Financial Times, May 5 2009

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