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This really would be crossing the Rubicon for member states

“The delivery of this recovery plan will be the moment of truth for this European Commission — the moment when it will determine its fate,” says Pascal Lamy, a former head of the World Trade Organization who was cabinet chief to Jacques Delors when he led the commission from 1985 to 1995.

Paolo Gentiloni, EU economics commissioner: “The commission is asked to make a proposal capable of bridging different positions and to reach a consensus — which is easy to say but is not very easy to achieve.”

FT 18 May 2020

One precedent they have is Hamilton’s move in 1790 to transfer the revolutionary war debts accrued by the states to the federal government. By letting President George Washington levy taxes to repay those obligations and issue treasury securities, Hamilton laid the foundations for the U.S.’s federal system.


– Vi vet alla nu, och vi visste alla då, att Grekland fuskade med sin statistik berättar Pascal Lamy, WTO-chefen som på nittiotalet var EU-kommissionens ordförande Jacques Delors högra hand.

SvD 29 februari 2012 

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