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Cameron, Churchill, 1940 and referendum

- At my office I sit 2 yards away from the Cabinet Room where Winston Churchill decided, in May 1940, to fight on against Hitler. The best and greatest decision perhaps anyone’s ever made in our country. He didn’t want to be alone, David Cameron said, according to FT 20 June 2016.

But isn't it the other way around?

Churchill decided that Britain should fight alone, instead of being part of a united Europe under German leadership.

FT 20 June 2016

Remember Winston Churchill’s phrase about "fighting them on the beaches". Well our beaches are entirely subject to the European Commission’s directives.

Article by John Blundell in the Business 12/3 2006

One of the great clichés of politics is that Britain has no written Constitution. Britain’s constitution is called the Treaty of Accession. It has been supplemented by the Treaties of Maastricht and Nice.


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