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On the Question of the Guilt of the New Left, Revolutionary Sectarianism, and the Silence of the Renegades. Tallmo

The radicalism of the 60's was at the beginning a rather playful phenomenon, there were music festivals and hippies and love-ins. But more dogmatic movements emerged, following the teachings of Lenin, Mao Zedong, Che Guevara, and Stalin or Trotsky.  

Suddenly there were lots of young idealistic people claiming to love freedom and justice, and in the same breath they defended the purges of Stalin, justified the murders during the cultural revolution in China, and advocated violent measures towards their own country's military and capital owners.

Karl-Erik Tallmo

- Värst tyckte jag om Anders Ehnmark, som framträdde som salongskommunist och skrev i Veckojournalen, eller om det var Månadsjournalen, eller båda.

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