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Anything Trumps Hillary, Libya mail - Stockman

No one in their right mind could have concluded that the aging, pacified, tent-bound Moammar Khadafy was a threat to the safety and security of the American people.

 Even the community organizer from South Chicago wanted to keep the American bombers parked on their runways.

But Hillary’s infamous emails leave no doubt that it was she who induced Obama to embrace the folly that quickly created yet another failed state, hotbed of jihadism and barbaric hellhole in the middle east. Indeed, her hands are doubly bloody.

When Hillary bragged that “We came, we saw, he died”, it turns out that not just Khadafy but thousands of innocents have died, and not just from the chaos unleashed in Libya itself. 

The former dictator’s arsenals and mercenaries have now been dispersed all over North Africa and the middle east, spreading desolation in their wake.

David Stockman 27  April 2016

När Khaddafi fick jobb som EU:s gränspolis
I början av oktober 2010 åkte EU-kommissionär Cecilia Malmström till Libyen
Annika Ström Melin, Signerat, DNs ledarsida 24 augusti 2011

Storbritanniens utrikesminister William Hague anlände på lördagen till rebellfästet Benghazi i Libyen, efter att Nato för första gången använt brittiska och franska stridshelikoptrar i intensiva luftstrider.
DN 4 juni 2011

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