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Joschka Fischer and I agree on what the problems are with EU and EMU, but...

- EU leaders chose to let the reality of the various crises do the work for them, placing their faith in the force of circumstances.

But this approach, born of cowardice and misplaced cunning, had its price, too: 

To its citizens, an EU that moves only in crisis mode is the very image of incompetence, unworthy of their confidence – no longer the solution to the old continent’s problems, but simply another problem.

The financial crisis is anything but over; it has only taken on a new political guise. Portugal, Spain, and Ireland have shown that democratic majorities are no longer willing to endure the cure-or-kill treatment of austerity politics. And the Greek crisis is coming to a boil again.

The euro might not survive. 

Joschka Fischer, Project Syndicate, 3 May 2016

His conclusion is: 

"There is no reason for Europe to fear crises. They set things in motion and provide an opportunity for the EU to move forward and become stronger..."

My view is the quite opposite.

The March of Folly towards an Ever Closer Union and a New Roman Empire must be halted.

At least until there is a big and stable majority among the citizens concerned.

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