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Tyskland och Frankrike sida vid sida för Ever Closer Union: For the EU to survive, eurozone countries need to integrate further and create a joint treasury

The euro was built on a Franco-German understanding  but overlooked critical flaws in the architecture of monetary union

Finansministrarna Emmanuel Macron and Sigmar Gabriel,  Guardian 3 juni 2015

The euro was built on a Franco-German understanding but also on a typically European compromise. This gives France and Germany a particular responsibility to straighten what is crooked. 

In the late 1980s we shared a common political project that was grounded in different economic ideals. Germany was marching towards unification and wanted to replace the defunct European monetary system with a harder fixed exchange rate regime built on the culture of the Bundesbank. 

France wanted to firmly embed Germany in Europe and improve Europe’s chances to harness globalisation. 

These projects served the broader purpose of European integration, but they overlooked critical flaws in the architecture of monetary union that need to be decisively addressed so that the euro fulfils its promise of economic prosperity and prevents Europe from slipping even more into division and discontent.

This convergence between member states would allow the creation of a preliminary eurozone budget, a feature of any functioning monetary union.

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"It's time to strengthen the eurozone by way of the EU's biggest reform," Emmanuel Macron and his German counterpart Sigmar Gabriel said in a joint statement in France's Le Figaro, The Guardian, Germany's Die Welt, Spain's El Pais and other European dailies.

The German and French ministers also stressed that "a stronger eurozone should be the core of a deepened EU".

Telegraph 3 June 2015

n Strasbourg on Dec. 9, 1989, after the Berlin Wall fell,
Germany agreed to monetary union in order to get President Mitterand to agree to German reunification

Wall Street Journal 23 Sept 2011

Problemets kärna är att det inte går att ha EMU om man inte vill ha ett Federalt Europa, styrt från Bryssel och Frankfurt, eller om det blir Berlin. 
Rolf Englund, Nya Wermlands-Tidningen, 11 juni 2001

"ever closer union" - The United States of Europe

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