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So desperate has their position become that Greeks may be about to vote for economic and political suicide rather than tolerate any more of the medicine prescribed to them by Berlin and Brussels.

Jeremy Warner, Telegraph 29 Dec 2014

Greece, and a number of other peripheral eurozone nations too, do indeed need to leave the euro if ever they are to find a plausible path back to growth and debt sustainability.

Yet it is one thing to quit the euro in a controlled, negotiated and orderly manner – behind the protection of capital controls, with help from the International Monetary Fund to get the country back on its feet – and quite another to be forced out amid political crisis, social upheaval, and the idiocies of an extreme Left-wing policy agenda.

Greece keeps coming back to remind us of the folly of Europe’s grand experiment in monetary union and the havoc it has created for a once thriving continent.

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EU och Greklands Chicken race. 

Grekland: Vi betalar inte.
EU: Då måste ni lämna euron. 
Grekland: Ha, ha, det är värst för er, då ser alla att länder kan lämna euron. Hur går det då för Spanien och Portugal osv.

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