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Finland, EMU och Carl B Hamilton

Finland’s economy has not grown in five years. The unemployment rate is 9 per cent. 

The flagship company, Nokia, was forced to sell its handset business to Microsoft last year.

Its shipyards are in trouble; its forestry companies are cutting costs and closing plants.

Public expenditure is expected to reach 58 per cent of gross domestic product this year – a larger share of output even than France.

Its middle class pays one of the highest income tax rates in Europe. Its public debt is growing.

And matters will only worsen: the Finnish population is ageing faster than that of any other European country.

Risto Penttila, chief executive of the Finnish chamber of commerce, Financial Times 23 June 2014

Nej-sidans argumentation blir alltmera besynnerlig.
Låt oss följa Finlands exempel den 14 september!
Carl B Hamilton Dagens Industri 16/5 2003


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