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The intellectual collapse of left and right

Att försöken i USA att förverkliga Ägardemokratin och The Amercian Dream skulle leda till dagens situation, det är onekligen ett nytt budskap från Timbro. Det skrev jag på denna blog i anledning av Johan Norbergs film "Överdos - en film om nästa finanskris".

Häromdagen varnade Johan Norberg Johan Norberg för att skuldkrisen i Europa är så allvarlig att vissa stater riskerar att helt kollapsa.

Under rubriken "The intellectual collapse of left and right" skrev  Michael Lind, policy director of the economic growth programme at the New America Foundation, i Finacial Times den 22 augusti 2011 något i samma stil.

- Democrats and Republicans alike are failing to convince the American people that they have the answer to their country’s problems. Underneath, however, lies a deeper intellectual confusion. The two most plausible visions developed by the US centre-left and centre-right – the “knowledge economy” and the “ownership society” – lie in tatters, leaving a void in America’s discussion of its economic future.

- The fundamental blow to the ownership society, however, was the collapse of the bubble economy. Individual savings accounts, of the kind ownership society advocated, were devastated by the crash. The expansion of home ownership, pushed by Republicans and Democrats alike, also left millions of Americans “underwater.”

- According to 1990s “third way” progressives on both sides of the Atlantic, success in winner-take-all global markets would depend on human capital. Education was now to be what financial and real estate assets were to the ownership society. Yet the story that President Bill Clinton and British prime minister Tony Blair told of college-educated individuals thriving in global labour markets was wrong.

- America’s anti-statist culture and regional and ethnic rivalries limit the kinds of redistribution, in the form of social programmes, public services or wage subsidies, that have been employed in many other developed countries.

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Faktorprisutjämning, på engelska Factor-price equalization

Arbetslöshet: Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz:
The U.S. economy must grow at least 3 percent to create enough jobs for new entrants into the labor force

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