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Lord Leach, or Rodney, as he is called, like Bigglesworth is known as Biggles

- Lord Leach of Fairford is a Director of Jardine Matheson Holdings. A former Oxford don, Rodney Leach was one of the first non-family partner of Rothschilds.He is also a former Director of the British Library. Rodney is Chairman of Open Europe.

- “I’m not against European cooperation…A complete free trade area would be perfect, that brings about prosperity. But a monetary union is also a political union and there it goes wrong. 
The European system of supranationality comes at the cost of democracy.”

 - “Politicians must understand that this isn't a temporary crisis, but a permanent problem. It is no banking or debt crisis, but a problem of competitiveness.

The South of Europe is too far behind on the North and will never be able, within one monetary union, to close the gap…

I can not think of any satisfactory solution which does not lead to a breaking up of the eurozone as it is now. That could however be either controlled or uncontrolled. Controlled means that vulnerable countries would be led to the exit...An uncontrolled exit means that financial markets force a break-up.”

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Major James Bigglesworth, DSO, DFC, MC


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