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A former governor and former deputy governor of the Bank of England

Almost simultaneously publish books arguing that there is something profoundly awry with the economy as it is now

Some sections of each book read as though written by those more likely to have been marching on the streets during the Occupy movement

In What We Owe Each Other, Minouche Shafik begins by defining what she means by the social contract

Mark Carney’s Value(s)

Carney aligns himself with some authors admired by the heterodox economics community, such as Branko Milanovic, a scholar of inequality influenced by Marxism, and Hyman Minsky, the late US economist known for his theory of cyclical financial instability in capitalism.

Diane Coyle FT 25 March 2021

Diane Coyle is Bennett Professor of Public Policy at the University of Cambridge and author of ‘Markets, State and People: Economics for Public Policy’


Markets are facing a potential ‘Minsky moment’ collapse, strategist says

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