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Socialists at the Gate /Timbro och dess föregångare/

Swedish Business and the Defense of Free Enterprise, 1940–1985 

Rikard Westerberg 

Dissertation for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy, Ph.D., in Business Administration. Stockholm School of Economics, 2020 


Just as Eskilsson had been absolutely essential for creating a new infrastructure for the opinion formation of the business community in the late 1970s, he was also the principal administrator of the campaigns against the wage-earner funds. 

He was, moreover, surrounded both at the higher and lower lever in the SAF hierarchy by like-minded individuals with a strong ideological commitment to free market ideas, such as Curt Nicolin, Olof Ljunggren, Carl-Johan Westholm, Danne Nordling and Rolf Englund. 

s 290

TV om Hayek, Sture Eskilsson och Rolf Englund m fl Mont Pelerin 1981


Lars Tobisson, Löntagarfonder. Så nära men ändå inte 



Mats Johansson om Lars Tobisson, Löntagarfonder. Så nära men ändå inte 


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