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New World Order Is Coming, Maybe in Helicopters

Volcker’s victory over inflation ushered in a quarter-century of triumph for a broadly laissez-faire model of globalization anchored by trusted central banks.

That foundered in the financial crisis of 2007-09. 
The immediate fear in the wake of the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy was that a balance sheet recession would come in its wake, bringing with it deflation.

Now that there is no confidence that central banks can avert deflation, the central case for buying stocks has also eroded.

With confidence lost in central banks, that new order looks almost certain to involve the kind of fiscal expansion that has been out of vogue since the 1970s, possibly even including helicopter money.

John Authers Bloomberg 9 mars 2020

Helicopter Money at IntCom

Jag tycker det är skriande uppenbart att räntan världen över är för låg och att en större del av stimulanserna borde ske via finanspolitiken.

Det skrev jag på min blogg första gången den 5 december 2009

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