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Austerity, not the populists, destroyed Europe’s centre ground

We have come to judge austerity mainly in terms of its economic impact. But it is the political fallout from public spending cuts that is most likely to persist.

Austerity as a policy is the consequence of a poor understanding of economics coupled with a self-righteous mind and a tendency to spend too much time with your chums at places like Davos. 

Centre ground politicians are also not good at admitting mistakes or changing strategy0

Wolfgang Münchau FT 22 December 2019

Göran Persson om 90-talet: Vi gjorde mycket fel, naturligtvis. Kanske borde vi ha sparat lite mindre.
SvD 7 maj 2017

Den hemska sanningen om John Hassler, Göran Persson och kronkursförsvaret

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