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Fed stands ready to inject another $75bn into the financial system

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York announced plans to inject another $75bn into the US financial system when trading resumes on Wednesday, a day after making its first such intervention in more than a decade to alleviate funding pressures in short-term lending markets.

FT 18 September 2019

Some old financial melodies from 2007-2008 are getting a replay.

It’s a rule of thumb that if you’re even talking about such geeky fare as long-short market-neutral strategies or overnight repurchase agreements, then something has already gone wrong.

John Authers Bloomberg 18 september 2019 

The US dollar bond pits alone will soon be shocked with $1.8 trillion of homeless government debt 
as the US Treasury issues $1.2 trillion of new paper and the Fed dumps $600 billion of old debt during the fiscal year that incepted three days ago.

David Stockman, October 4th, 2018

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