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The Federal Reserve seems to be achieving the fabled soft landing.

With growth likely to transition down toward the longer-term trend in 2019, expect monetary policy to remain on hold for the foreseeable future. 

If the Fed were to move, the odds still favor an interest rate cut over an increase. 
We are likely at the peak of this rate hiking cycle.

Tim Duy Bloomberg 17 april 2019 

 Det erinrar om dagens situation där I USA centralbankschefen Greenspan försöker uppnå en "soft landing" på ekonomins hangarfartyg. Han känner att han inte kommer fram, drar gasen - räntan - i botten, men motorn, penningmängden, svarar inte. Farten sjunker.
Rolf Englund i Smedjan nr 4/1992

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