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Gillian Tett: Female Trump supporters feel they have numerous other reasons to back him, ones that are more important than gender.

To an angry, dispossessed voter, Trump offers a vision of change that Clinton does not; to them, his anti-establishment speeches and “Make America Great Again” mantra are positive and memorable in a way that none of the slogans from the Clinton camp has managed to be.

As Michelle Obama pointed out in her own thrillingly powerful speech in Philadelphia on Monday — to many voters today it no longer seems odd that a woman is running for president. 

That is an extraordinary achievement. But it could also be a tragedy for Clinton; it means that the Democrats cannot assume they can win female votes “just” by using the gender card.

Gillian Tett, FT 29 July 2016

Gillian Tett serves as US managing editor. She writes weekly columns for the Financial Times, covering a range of economic, financial, political and social issues.

In 2014, she was named Columnist of the Year in the British Press Awards and was the first recipient of the Royal Anthropological Institute Marsh Award. 

In June 2009 her book Fool’s Gold won Financial Book of the Year at the inaugural Spear’s Book Awards.

Tett’s past roles at the FT have included US managing editor (2010-2012), assistant editor, capital markets editor, deputy editor of the Lex column, Tokyo bureau chief, and a reporter in Russia and Brussels.

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