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Anders Borg: In fact, federalism is probably the single greatest threat to the future of the EU. Welcome in the club.

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has called for more federalism – for more power to be delegated to the EU’s governing institutions.I consider Juncker a close friend, but I strongly disagree with him about this idea. 

Moving toward deeper integration or centralized control would be a dangerous path to take, for it would increase the risk of other members choosing to leave the EU. 

And, beyond that hazard, there are other reasons to avoid federalist measures.
Consider the main economic argument offered by federalists: the eurozone needs a common fiscal policy to harmonize policy decisions, such as taxation. This is wrong for two reasons.

First, the EU’s fundamental economic problems are structural. Europeans will continue to gravitate toward populism if they do not see improvements in their standard of living, which will happen only with higher productivity growth. A single fiscal policy would not bring this about – and could make the problem worse.

The second reason is political... 
Today, supporters of the EU must face the facts: an ever-closer union is not the European people’s will, even in the member states that would never choose to leave it. 

If the European Commission forces the post-Brexit narrative in this direction, the result will be the opposite of what was intended. 

In fact, federalism is probably the single greatest threat to the future of the EU.

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 - Problemets kärna är att det inte går att ha EMU om man inte vill ha ett Federalt Europa, styrt från Bryssel och Frankfurt, eller om det blir Berlin. 

- Det är målsättningen om ett ständigt fastare förbund - "ever closer union" - som är själva grundbultsfelet med EU.

Rolf Englund Barometerns website, 7 juni 2005

Problemet, för Anders Borg, är att det sedan länge har rått consensus inom ekonomkåren, en ovanlig sak, om att det behövs avsevärt med federalism för att euron inte skall gå under. 

Det vet Anders Borg och jag är säker på att han kommer att stå upp för den åsikten, när den ryms inom åsiktskorridoren.

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