The next global financial crisis could start with U.S. stocks. Satyajit Das

The cascade of financial woes would result rapidly in a worldwide financial crisis. 

The position is eerily similar to 1997-98, when falling commodity prices, especially oil, a stronger U.S. dollar, rising U.S. interest rates, and emerging-market debt weaknesses led to the Asian monetary crisis, the Russian default, and the collapse of hedge fund Long Term Capital Management.

Satyajit Das, MarketWatch Mar 2, 2016 

This is the third installment of ‘Crash Course,’ a five-part series from commentator Satyajit Das on threats investors face in the current market climate.

Crash Course: Stocks and other investments are wildly overvalued
The mispricing of assets across world markets has reached epidemic proportions.
Satyajit Das, MarketWatch Feb 25, 2016

Since 2007, no major economies and just five developing economies have reduced the ratio of debt to GDP in the real economy (households, corporations and governments). 

In contrast, 14 countries have increased their total debt-to-GDP ratios by more than 50 percentage points. More than 20 countries now have debt-to-GDP ratios above 200%, led by Japan (400%).

Satyajit Das, MarketWatch 29 Febr 2016

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