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Italy’s finance minister calls for ‘political union’ to save euro

I går skrev jag på denna blog att Krugman visar bristande militans.

Hans skriver att The point is that it wasn’t at all hard to see, right from the beginning, that currency union without political union was a very dubious project. 

Detta kan leda tanken fel.

Saken är den att Currency union with political union is an even more dubious project.

I dag läser jag i Financial Times att 

Italy’s finance minister calls for ‘political union’ to save euro

Italy is calling for a wide set of measures — including the swift completion of banking union, the establishment of a common eurozone budget and the launch of a common unemployment insurance scheme — to reinforce the common currency. 

He said an elected eurozone parliament alongside the existing European Parliament and a European finance minister should also be considered.

The Italian finance minister is confident this is the right path for the eurozone, but he is not certain it is a winning battle. Many eurozone governments, including Italy, are facing pressure from people who are increasingly sceptical about the merits of existing European economic integration, let alone the possibility of more to come.

Detta är ett led i den stora konspirationen.

"I am sure the euro will oblige us to introduce a new set of economic policy instruments. It is politically impossible to propose that now. But some day there will be a crisis and new instruments will be created."
Romano Prodi, EU Commission President. Financial Times, 4 December 2001

Men om man ställer till rejäla kriser, så kan varje nationell maktelit skrämma sitt folk till underkastelse. De tvingas acceptera. EU-kommissionens tidigare ordförande, virrpannan Romano Prodi, var så omedveten att han skrev en kolumn i självaste Financial Times (20 maj 2010), där han lugnt konstaterade att han och alla de andra som drev fram europrojektet naturligtvis visste att det skulle leda till en svår kris förr eller senare.

Jag citerar: ”When the euro was born everyone knew that sooner or later a crisis would occur. It was inevitable that, for such a bold and unprecedented project, in some countries (even the most virtuous ones), mistakes would be made and unforeseeable events occur.” 

Nils Lundgren 2011

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