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När Nigel Farage och jag år 2002 talade i Westminster Abbeys kyrksal

Inte bara jag och Farage har talat i Westminster Abbey kyrksal (The church house).

Det gjorde t ex även Winston Churchill under kriget.

Throughout the course of the War, Parliament assembled at the Church House during three main periods:  at various times in November and December 1940, and between April and June 1941  (during which time the House of Commons Chamber was destroyed)  and June and August 1944 (when London was threatened by V1 flying bombs).

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Tillägg 27 maj 2014:

For well over a century, Britain has split along left-right lines, often on the basis of class; today, the dividing lines are becoming ever more complex, with the political marketplace fragmenting and voting patterns increasingly driven by cultural attitudes.
A substantial minority believes that Britain is going to the dogs. These voters have little hope for the future, have given up on some aspects of globalisation and are furious at a political establishment they hold responsible for national decline. Some of these people are drawn from a Tory background; others from a left-wing one.
Such views are largely incomprehensible to another big group of voters, largely made up of prosperous folk who have embraced cosmopolitanism, technology and change, are relatively happy with the state of the country and who continue to vote for established centre-right or centre-left parties. 
It’s a remarkable realignment.
Allister Heath, Telegraph 27 May 2014, more here
Ja, det är gott om obehagliga partier som tar plats i och med valresultatet. Men detta är ett trivialt konstaterande som gör föga nytta. Frågan vi bör ägna oss åt är: vad fick Europas väljare att ge populismens många yttringar medvind?

Det finns gott om befogad EU-kritik och det är viktigt att vi inte hamnar i ett läge där endast önskemål om mer makt i Bryssel behandlas som en respektabel åsikt. 

SvD-ledare signerad Sanna Rayman 27 maj 2014, mer här

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