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I Hitlers hemland, Österrike - Don't mention the War or The Sound of Music

BBC: How do you solve a problem like The Sound of Music in Salzburg?

Even the star of the show, Uwe Kroeger, who plays, Captain von Trapp, had never seen the movie.

For decades Austria claimed to be the first victim of Nazi Germany, but in recent years people have come to acknowledge the extent of Austrian responsibility for the crimes of the Third Reich.

A couple of plot details have also been changed. The von Trapp family no longer escapes over the mountains into Switzerland, because everyone here knows that if you climb over the mountains near Salzburg, you end up in Germany.

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Som man brukar säga om österrikarna: Dom gjorde Hitler till tysk och Mozart till österrikare.

Hitler välkomnas till Wien (Youtube)

Habsburgs Österrike var, liksom Jugoslavien,  en multikulti-stat, ungefär som EU håller på att bli.

Rome, Habsburg and the European Union, Click

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