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This, in many respects, is a good time to ditch the inflation target.

In late 1998, the ECB adopted its first inflation targeting regime. Four years later, it modified it to an annual inflation rate of close to, but below, 2 per cent.

The ECB’s research staff have recently published a fascinating 300-page working paper 

The surprise result was that the effect on inflation was smaller than previously thought, but the impact on economic growth larger.

Wolfgang Münchau FT 26 January 2020

Did inflation targeting fail?
Central banks have mostly escaped blame for the crisis.
How can it have gone so wrong?

Martin Wolf, Financial Times, May 5 2009

Riksbankens mål om 2,0 procents inflation tillkom i all hast för litet mer än 20 år sedan
Inflationsmålet skulle inte ha funnits där, om Sverige hade klarat att hålla fast växelkurs.

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