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US Employment OBS 2008- Brad DeLong

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ProfessorPelotard sa...

“ People have constantly asked what I accomplished during my first four years in Office,” Fearless Leader pouted,” So here it all is, and there is more to come so, tighten up that seatbelt cause the Plane is on the runway ready to just take off.”

1. All-time record annual average gas price: In 2012, annual average is $3.60.

2. All-time record food stamp participation: As of last month, for the first time in American history, 47,710,324 individuals in the United States — now receive food stamps.

3. All-time high youth unemployment: In the last four years, average youth unemployment is 17.5% — the highest ever in recorded U.S. history.

4. All-time high number of Americans no longer in the labor force: Today, a record 88,921,000 Americans are no longer a part of the U.S. labor force.

5. All-time record number of Americans collecting disability: Today, a record 8,827,795 individuals collect a disability check averaging $1,130.34 a month.

6. All-time record number of Americans living in poverty: A record 46.2 million people in America are living in poverty.

7. All-time record U.S. debt: Presently, the United States is $16,400,000,000,000 in debt with no end in sight.

Och så finns det vissa som säger att Romney skulle varit väre....pfffft!