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We're Experiencing Truly Historic Times For Monetary Policy

FT 14 December 2012
For 20 years now, central bankers have targeted inflation alone.

A quiet revolution is sweeping over central banks.

The past five years have led central banks to a revolutionary situation. 

Fed said it would keep interest rates close to zero until the US unemployment rate falls below 6.5 per cent. 

A day earlier, Mark Carney, soon-to-be governor of the Bank of England, became the most senior central banker to praise an even more radical policy: targeting the level of nominal gross domestic product.

People have been known to bet on when Samuel Brittan would write his next column on nominal GDP targeting

Did inflation targeting fail? 
Central banks have mostly escaped blame for the crisis. 

How can it have gone so wrong?

Martin Wolf, Financial Times, May 5 2009

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