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Together we will create The Hayek-Friedman-Keynes Synthesis

Welcome! Here is my plan:

Together we will create The Hayek-Friedman-Keynes Synthesis.

I have a dream. It is to create an, or rather, the Hayek-Friedman-Keynes Synthesis.

Is it re-inventing the wheel or an attempt to square the triangle?

Well, it is an attempt to use The Open Source Method for that purpose as I guess that I will fail if I try to do it myself.

Let us start with reading Roger Garrison's Hayek-L Seminar introduction at

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EaglesEye sa...

Very interesting, but I would have thought its like squareing a circle - impossible!
Keynes basically says that money and contracts should be dishonoured by printing more of the stuff, Friedman states that money printing gives horrific inflation and does no good over the long run.
Hayak believes in a the gold standard, a fixed supply of money, so the market can work properly through its critical supply/demand signalling of prices which are distorted by excessive money!