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Treasury inflation-protected securities, or TIPS

 But like other bonds, higher interest rates dent their worth: 

As the Federal Reserve aggressively raised rates last year, the Bloomberg TIPS index declined 12%, the worst performance in its 25-year history.

Eric Wallerstein WSJ 9 March 2023


Why Are My Inflation-Protected Bonds Falling When Inflation Is So High?

If TIPS can lose market value during high inflation, what are they good for?

Matt Grossman WSJ 8 October 2022


TIPS are the single best source of inflation protection, but

Unfortunately they are expensive, with 10-year TIPS paying 0.9% below inflation. 

WSJ 11 May 2021


Varning för realräntefonder

Värst är realräntefonderna, som ger förlust långsiktigt oavsett hur hög inflationen blir.

Jonas Lindmark Morningstar 2019-08-15


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